Reshape Your Website Experience with Halda Website Coverage Maximization

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Halda has implemented AI-Powered Website Coverage Maximization!

This means that within our app, our partners can now see exactly where Halda’s forms are firing on their website, the traffic they’re getting on those pages, and how those pages are converting.

What will this allow our partners to do?

Maximize their website experience with Halda forms and make smart, data-driven decisions to boost lead generation and engagement.

Halda’s VP of Product, Jon Grover, explains “Higher Ed institutions manage a massive amount of web pages. On average we see around 9K pages per school’s website.” Managing so many pages is a challenge that Website Coverage Maximization helps solve.

“It is difficult to deploy a personalized experience across all those web pages,” Grover continues.  “Imagine having to iterate through every URL one by one. This is why we leveraged the power of ChatGPT to view all the webpages, create relevant categories, and then categorize the URLs into those categories. Now with a few clicks, you can easily deploy a personalized experience to all your admission-related pages.”

Halda has identified a HUGE challenge for our partners: Finding good data with which to make website decisions. This in-app feature uses AI to group web pages by category and evaluate how they’re performing. Our partners will get an unprecedented in-depth look at their web traffic and how it’s interacting on their pages! We find this incredibly exciting.

What this means is better data, easier user interface, better engagement, and–of course–more conversions. Giving our clients an even better chance to maximize Halda’s unique personalization software.

Get To Know Our Website Coverage Maximization Suite

Analyze Your Entire Website at a Glance!

View the percentage of your website that have our forms firing on them. Snapshot views of your Halda forms show immediately how they are impacting users on your website, so you can make agile and effective decisions.

AI-Categorization of Website Pages & Site Coverage Opportunities

Our AI-powered tools group your website pages by category. You can see exactly where your visitors are going for information and find out where you’re missing opportunities for real engagement.

Quick Click Smart Form Installation

Once you’ve identified places you can improve, get Halda’s forms on those web assets in just a couple clicks. Deploy our forms efficiently and effectively without any extra effort on your part.

Halda in Higher Education

Halda’s forms usually perform 5 to 10 times better than standard RFI forms on higher education websites, but deploying them most effectively required a time investment. Now, with website coverage maximization, lead-generating personalization has never been more scalable.

“It’s nearly impossible to customize a user experience on University websites,” explains Bentley Folkman, Head of Marketing at Halda. “No matter how much time and effort marketers spend creating meaningful content, users can easily navigate away from the curated journey into uncharted territory.

Folkman continues, “Website Coverage Maximization puts the power back in the hands of marketers by eliminating the need for continuous website redesigns and rebuilds.”

The Future of Halda: AI-driven Data Analytics and Personalization

As part of our commitment to continuous innovation, Halda is moving towards an AI-driven data analytics experience. This will allow our clients to create highly personalized website experiences that make their websites more engaging and effective. Website Coverage Maximization plays a crucial role in this shift, enabling clients to build the most comprehensive engagement strategy.

“AI-driven personalization is the future of website experience.” explains Halda CEO Lance Hydrick. “Through Halda’s platform, education leaders and institutions can take advantage of the latest technologies and data analytics to improve results.

“AI, streamlined data analytics and website personalization are a powerful combination that will create tremendous value for users.”

The Website Coverage Maximization feature adds to Halda’s powerful suite of tools to help higher education institutions optimize their websites, generate more leads, and improve user experience. We encourage our clients and other institutes of higher education to leverage this new feature to unlock the full potential of their websites. To learn more about Halda’s solutions for higher education, visit our website at