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Build human connection with your website visitors through individualized content experiences.

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Halda initiates relationships with prospects, then builds those relationships through the Halda Hub. Our latest content delivery tool reengages previous visitors through a personalized content environment. AI-powered integrations help serve users individualized content as they shift between different topics.

Halda's Personalization Features

Create human connection at scale, with minimal work from your team. Our personalization tools work with and alongside your marketing campaigns, and draw from your current web content to transform your visitors’ experience.


Our AI-powered personalization layer enables marketers to re-engage each individual with unique content every time they return to the site. Go live within 24 hours–no IT support or web development resources necessary.


Leverage data to curate immersive content experiences for each website visitor. Personalization builds connections that routinely raise lead inquiries by 300%-700% over other conversion strategies.


Halda’s analytics suite enables marketers to track every action and assess every conversion to clearly measure ROI. 90% of marketing teams at least double conversion volumes by implementing Halda’s tools, and they find that those conversions become their highest quality lead source.


Case Study

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With Halda
With RFI Form
Summer 22 Enrollments
Fall 22 Enrollments

Aside from the total number of leads, HALDA has outperformed the RFI form as it relates to new student enrollment….. The RFI form has generated more submissions (largely because it has a greater prominence on our website), but the submissions are less likely to be new students and convert at a lower rate compared to the HALDA form.

Alejandro Mendoza
Operations Manager
Harper College