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Halda Personalization

Create human connection at scale, with minimal work from your team. Our personalization tools work with and alongside your marketing campaigns, and draw from your current web content to transform your visitors’ experience.

Halda Device Display
Halda Touchpoints

Halda Smart Forms

Personalize the content experience for each website visitor.

The Halda Hub

Continuously engage with leads and returning visitors.

Conversion Analytics

Fine-tune your strategic decision-making.

Advanced Targeting

Integrate Halda’s tools with your marketing initiatives.

Halda Smart Forms

Touchpoints are how we provide value to your prospective students at discrete moments in their purchasing experience. Content tailored to each moment in the buyer’s journey connects them with your school or product and drives conversions. Users are even able to choose between topics based on their position in the enrollment funnel.

Smart Forms
The Halda Hub Final

Halda Hub

Put your visitors in command of their own web experience. The Hub greets any returning visitor with an individualized content environment that rescues them from rabbit holes and redundancies. They pick up right where they left off, with options to refresh their content and easy links to high-value areas of your website.

Data Analytics

Make data-directed decisions with the help of our in-app Analytics and Data Dashboard. Learn where your inquiries are coming from (both geographically and online sources) and how visitors are behaving on your web pages. You can even analyze your Touchpoint placement and performance to fill in whatever gaps you may have in your site coverage. Continuously optimize our tools to get the best ROI from your personalized web content experience.

Halda Analytics Asset Final
Halda Advanced Targeting Final

Advanced Targeting

Halda’s tools are team players built to work in lock-step with your marketing campaigns. Don’t spend time and money building out landing page environments when you can easily use our tools to greet visitors with content tailored to your campaigns. Just tag our tools with the same UTM code as your marketing campaigns to make them even more effective.